Auction Process

(a) From 4pm (GMT) Thursday 24th March 2016 until 2pm (GMT) Sunday 3rd April 2016 you may place bids online on lots in our sale, once you have registered. At 2pm (GMT) on 3rd April there will be a pause of one hour in the auction. At 3pm (GMT) the sale will resume as a live online auction. The lots will be sold one by one in sequential order beginning with lot number one and ending with the final lot. In the live part of the auction you may continue to bid on any lots on which you have already placed a bid in the preliminary part of the sale and, of course, you may also open your bidding on any other items in the sale in which you are interested.
(b) The bidding in the live part of our online sale will start from the last bids which have been received on lots during the initial part of the auction. For example, if we receive a bid of £100 for lot 1 in the preliminary part of the sale the bidding on this item in the final part of the auction will start at £100. The bidding could go up from this price or if no further bids are received and the reserve has been met the lot will be sold at this price.
(c) Throughout the live online part of the auction you will be able to monitor the progress of each lot as the auction runs in the Message Centre which is visible in the middle of your screen. This section shows you a run through of bids being received and any messages regarding the status of your bids, the lot or the auction.
(d) When bidding ends on a lot a ‘Sold’ message will be shown in the Message Centre to notify bidders that the lot has closed. If a lot does not sell you will see the message, for example, that ‘Lot number 30 has passed’.