Syd Barrett 1964 Two Young Painters Art Exhibition Ticket


An original ticket from an art exhibition held at the Lion & Lamb in Milton, Cambridgeshire by Pink Floyd founder member, Syd Barrett and fellow artist Anthony Stern. The Two Young Painters exhibition took place from 29th May to 25th June 1964, Syd using his real name of Roger Barrett. The ticket comes with a letter from Anthony Stern. It reads, ‘In the spring of 1964 I was in the second year of a M.A course at St. John’s College in Cambridge, likewise Roger ‘Syd’ Barrett, he was in a painting course at Cambridge Art School. A mutual friend (David Gale) suggested that we should have an exhibition together. This took place at the Lion & Lamb pub, Milton, Cambridgeshire on 29th May until 25th June. Our friends and families attended the opening evening along with a few curious strangers and the pub ‘regulars’. Interestingly, this was a first for both of us. It was the first time we exposed our work as artists to the outside world. Roger was notoriously reclusive about his paintings and became more so in later life. He did not seek approval for his art, his motivation being to explore himself against a backdrop of historical and contemporary ways of seeing which he encountered at Cambridge Art School. The Stern & Barrett ticket was from the Two Young Painters exhibition. Roger Barrett is remembered as one of the foremost lyricists and guitar performers of the 20th century and as a founding member of Pink Floyd. When he became overwhelmed by the self-exposure required to perform in public, it was his painting that he returned to as a sanctuary. My own career followed a similar but more modest trajectory. After ten years making experimental films I abandoned film and returned to art school (The Royal College Of Art) and began painting again, this time with hot glass. I continue to blow glass in my Battersea Studio after 40 years’.
The blue ticket measures 11.5cm x 9cm (4.25 inches x 3.5 inches). There is a diagonal crease which runs across the ticket from the upper left to lower right corner and a stain on the reverse. The condition of the ticket is very good plus.
Estimate £200 – £400
Starting Price £200