Marc Bolan Funky Childhood Handwritten Lyrics

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A set of original handwritten lyrics by Marc Bolan to the T-Rex song Funky Childhood. Marc has written the lyrics in blue pen on a piece of white paper. They read as follows:

1 for today
ancient building
cloak in age
the fogy realms
of a dickens
page, school at
4 thru knoledge
door, a funky
Childhood in London (sic)

The lyrics come with a photocopied letter from the original recipient. It reads, “I bought these from a Marc Bolan/T-Rex Convention in Doncaster in the early 1990s. I bought it from John and Shan Bramley who at that time ran the Official Marc Bolan Fan Club”.
The sheet of paper measures 15.25cm (20.25cm (6 inches x 8 inches). The condition of the lyrics is near mint.
Estimate £300 To £600
Starting Price £300